Living in the Land of Crazy

While my husband walks around with fake eyeballs, I try to pretend I have a sweet, normal life. Never mind the fact that I have endless and repetitive conversations with a 5 year old for most of my day. For example, Zinabu came up with this zinger last week: Mom, when I ask for food, you either tell me yes or no. What a deep revelation. You can tell that {whatever} mundane thought flits through his mind HAS to come out of his mouth. And never mind that I have a 7 year old feminist lawyer living under our roof. Kids have rights too, you know, Mom! she said this morning. Uh, okay. And let's not forget my oldest, the child who has taken to sleeping in his clothes to get ready for school faster in the morning. He has the rumpled look down, for sure.

I'm wondering where I fit into all of this. Perhaps I don't want to know.


Heather & Adam said...

Hey, don't run for the hills just yet. It's hilarious stuff, your family.
One day we are going to crash your pad for a weekend. (Only if you don't try to make me run anywhere AND we eat chocolate.)

Deirdre said...

It just keeps getting more interesting, doesn't it? I think Sidamo is a little Zinabu in the making. It just amazes me the things he feels the need to verbalize—and the 'tude with which he lets them fly.

Gotta say, I like Carver's idea. I'd say I might try it, but my day clothes and my pajamas aren't all that different anyway.

Heather & Adam said...

Oh, and I love David's shirt!
Yay for Geekery!

Christina said...

Heather stole my comment. I LOVE that shirt! And I love your family, too. The Halloween pics are still my faves, especially where Carver is doing his Potter impersonation. So fun!

Chatter said...

Lol. Awesome shirt David. I'm guessing you fit beautifully into the family and as Heather said, it is hilarious stuff! Give us the dirt and let us know about your crazy side :)