Behold! The Truffle!

There was one moment today when I almost put my face in the bowl and licked it all up, but I refrained. I got this recipe from Vivi, who writes a sometimes-cooking/sometimes-mom blog. I like all her recipes because she posts them when they work for her and work for her family. I can relate to that! The recipe is easy and makes such a yummy treat. I made these for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday, so David if you eat ANY OF THESE you are dead meat!
All you need is a package of Oreo cookies, a package of cream cheese (softened), and white chocolate bark, melted. (You could certainly use regular chocolate, but I like the white for the holidays.) I also like that these don't have to be perfect. You save a little crushed Oreo to sprinkle over the tops and it covers all the imperfections.


KelseyChristine said...

oreos make everything more delicious :)

Mark and Sarah said...

Thanks for posting this...through Vivi's blog, I came to Pioneer Woman's blog. My oh my, I've been lost there ever since. So much goodness coming out of that website. Yum-o!

Vivi said...

Oh Cathy, yours look much better than mine! So happy that you gave them a try.