I made it through another Father's Day. Ever since my dad died (brain tumor--I still cannot grasp it after 4 years) I find Father's Day to be a yucky spot on the calendar. I have learned that a lot of TV and choosing-not-to-think-about-it to be excellent (though dysfunctional) ways of coping on hard days. I actually watched endless Bugs Bunny cartoons with Lily last night while I did her braids. She wanted them loooooonnnnggg this time, so to see her running around with braids down her back is so pretty. Braids are an instant self-esteem boost to her. She likes her hair natural, but with braids she turns into super-girl and whips her head around endlessly. Yesterday was warm so we packed up and headed to the canyon near our house where the snow runoff runs into a beautiful mountain stream. We had a lot of snow this year, so the stream is more like a river right now. The kids had fun--you know, after they had all argued for 20 minutes over who got to play with what shovel and bucket.

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Hello from Selamawit! I was reading the forum, clicked on your blog and Sela came downstairs and we watched Zinabu's video together. Sela has been home for 3 weeks and apparently knows Zinabu. She got so excited to see him and kept calling to him on the computer screen! So cute! She is really happy to see a familar face. Monica Shallow