Trying to Be a Nice Mom!

I know the inspiration behind this children's book. It was a mom who went camping for a week with her family. We pull out of civilization tomorrow and head for the hills (Yellowstone to be exact). Goodbye warm feet, clean hands, and flushable toilets. Hello mud, burnt hot dogs, and spiders. The kids are BESIDE themselves with excitement--even the littlest Ethiopian, who has no idea what he's in for. He just jumps for joy like the rest of the under-10 crowd. I am not, ahem, what you would call "outdoorsy." I love hiking and biking and swimming and getting dirty... but then I like to come home to a hot shower and clean sheets. Not to mention a refrigerator and essential stuff like that. We will at various points along the way find Internet access, so if I can post I will. If I don't post in a week, please call a forest ranger and tell him/her to look for the grumpiest mama around (that would be me) and rescue me with hot coffee and chocolate. Farewell, world.

ps--thanks to everyone who commented and emailed me with playroom advice.

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