Pleasantly Surprised

Don't you love when your kids surprise you? While we are all still adjusting to a 3rd child in the family, Lily is really taking it in stride. We had braced ourselves for a very tough transition for her. She was the baby of the family, and she is clearly outnumbered by boys now, but of everyone (myself included) she is stepping up to the plate and really growing up. She is an incredible caregiver to Zinabu. While I never demand that she "watch" him or take care of him, she enjoys making him happy and spending time with him. Her relationship with David has grown immensely, too. I think all kids get in the rut of going to Mom first for everything--(example: child hollers, "Mom! I want some water!" while Mom is in the shower and Dad is standing right next to said child) but when I'm busy with Carver or Zinabu, Lily has sought out David and is spending more sweet time with him. It has been a blessing to watch their relationship blossom. A girl needs her daddy! So a big kudos to our Lily, who has taken all the recent changes in our house and shown us she's capable, strong, mature, and kind.

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vali said...

This is an encouraging post for me! We're just adjusting up to 2 kids, but I'm afraid my oldest son is going to have a hard time. He's a huge momma's boy, so I'm worried how he'll handle it when I'm taking care of the baby. My hope is that he'll bond closer to his dad. Here's hoping ...