Today Zinabu threw the mother of all tantrums. Per chance you heard it? He did NOT want to share his toy truck with anyone. He was very, very put out that I told him we share in this family. After all, Carver and Lily had just let him use all their fun things. It has to go both ways. So he yelled and got a time out. I, on the other hand, was feeling grateful that Zinabu's problems are so minor these days. When I think about where he's come from and all he's been through... even where he could be now... he would be crying over some serious, serious issues. But now that he's with us, he has a childhood. I feel blessed that the worst thing that's happened to him today is that he didn't want to share. I feel glad that he's not in Ethiopia wanting something to eat. Hearing him cry today over such a small thing made me happy. So that's normal for us. We all have different "normal." Visit Stacy and see what normal is for her. It sure makes my days look easier.

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Doug Engstrom said...

Finally! I find a way to keep up with younger Bro and his fine and growing family. With pictures no less! You can teach an old Doug new tricks as this is a first for me. I will be checking in occassionally rather than wait for David to ever e-mail me.