And In Other Boring News...
I did it! I made the playroom. Turns out we had more toys than I thought, so it was 2 van trips to the Salvation Army for us! They still have a few things in the "toy library" to rotate through, but not much. I am at peace, as they've kept the new playroom spotless, and their rooms are always clean. Sigh. Now... about the rest of the house (ahem).

Carver and Lily's toys--lovely artwork on the wall.

Zinabu's toys, and on the right games and dress up bin.

Coloring books, paper, crayons in metal magazine racks on the wall.


vali said...

It looks great! Can I ask where you got the blue toy bins? I'm looking for something similar for the baby's room and haven't found anything that's just the right color.



cathy said...

Super Target. They have a better selection than just regular Target. Hope that helps.

Christina and Chris said...

I agree - it does look terrific! My question: Where did you get the book/magazine metal racks hanging on the wall?

cathy said...

Hmmmm. Let's see. I am an organizational FREAK, so I frequent lots of stores. I think I got those at The Container Store. I would just go online and querry magazine racks and see what pops up. I love them.