sharomur said...

I've never responded to a blog before and I hope that you receive this. My husband and I watched your video tribute to Zinabu and his siblings and it was beautiful. Thank yu for sharing it with the world.

We live in Denver and are a few days away from completing our dossier for an Ethiopian adoption of a 3-6 year old girl through CHSFS. We have an 9 year old African American son who was adopted at 3wks old. He is thrilled at the prospect of having a sibling.

We hope that we will have the opportunity to meet your family some day at one of the Ethiopian adoptive family community events around the Denver Metro Area.

Thank you for sharing you experience.



sarah said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I loved your video. Your family is absolutely beautiful!!

Tarah said...

Love your video Cathy. We went out with baby Sara for ice cream today. (Stacy and Jeremy traveled with you)Your family is so beautiful. You are so blessed!

Swerl said...

Awesome! Great job! Your kids are such cuties!!

Deirdre said...

What a touching video, Cathy, and what lucky kiddos to have you as a momma! And of course, what a lucky momma to have such beautiful kiddos.

Mama Papaya said...

Cathy, what a great video. Your children have the absolute best smiles.

Angela :-) said...

Is there a link you can provide for the video? I can't view it from your blog, but I can view the sample one at the OneTrueMedia website.

Angela :-)

cathy said...

Try this.