The Best Day Ever
What a pleasant surprise to wake up to road construction on our street. A big dump truck and a scooper made for eye-popping entertainment for my kids. We sat on the curb for over an hour and just watched. Zinabu is so into trucks--and is surprising me with his memory of all their different names: dump truck, backhoe, cement mixer. How does he do it?

The other thing that happened is Lily had a tea party and Zinabu was the guest of honor. Zinabu was drinking water out of the little tea cup, and he kept saying, "Delicious!" That's a pretty big word, and he said it over and over again. After 15 minutes of this, I discovered Lily had tainted the water with huge amounts of sugar. No wonder it was so delicious. I don't know how much sugar Zinabu consumed, but he didn't take a nap!

We are a pretty laid back family and love our time together. I usually sign the kids up for one activity in the summer. Last year it was art classes. Once a week and we all went at the same time. That allows me to feel like they get a little extra curricular activity without me having to drive all over town 10 times a week. This year Carver is on a basketball team with his 2 best friends. It's once a week so I can handle that. Lily decided to do a dance class with her mostest-bestest-super-duper best friend Bailey. I never did dance. My friends didn't do dance. I feel like we entered a new universe of leotards, tights, and expensive shoes. I was so proud of her, though. She's so shy and hates performing anything in front of people. I think because she was with Bailey, she felt comfortable. It's a very basic class, and I think she's going to have a good time.

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