Head Wound!
Guess who got stitches in their forehead after falling face-first on our rock path? Not Carver. Not Lily. Not Zinabu.

My Mom.

Bless her heart...she was walking down our flagstone steps, holding Zinabu's hand to make sure he didn't fall, when she lost her balance. It was all very dramatic and bloody. The kids stood around her while blood dripped down her face and onto her clothes, while she reassured them, "I'm OK. Don't worry." I loaded her up in the car and we headed toward the "stitch-u-up" clinic. I had really thought I would be doing this with a child, not my mom.

My mom and I are always up for a donut, and as we drove by a Dunkin Donuts we debated stopping, but she looked pretty gruesome. You know, the bloody rag she was holding to her head and all. Fortunately there was virtually no one in the waiting room at the clinic, so they saw her pretty quick. The big downer was the cretin who did the administrative paperwork. She was updating her insurance information.

Cretin: "Are you still married? It says here you're married!"
Mom: "No, I'm a widow."
Cretin, in a loud, not-sensitive voice: "Then I need to change this to say widow."

Honestly, there have only been a few times in my life that I've wanted to slug someone. This was one of those times. It just wasn't fun. Fortunately, they sent my mom home with some nice stitches and some even nicer pain meds. She'll be sore and bruised for a few days, but we are so thankful she wasn't hurt worse. Pray for her.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to answer the cretins.

Nikki used to have a problem with ear infections. Oh, joy. So I took her to Memorial's After Hours clinic. My cretin asked her name. I said, "Anika Partlow-Loyall." I even spelled it. She looked it up, and announced loudly that it was in the computer as Anika Partlow, and how were they supposed to keep up if I kept changing her name?

So I responded, "Her last name has been Partlow-Loyall since the day she was born. If I was responsible for inputting it into your computer system, I would have put it in correctly. But let's see. Who does the input around here? Wouldn't that be you?"

So sometimes you just have to point out to cretins that yelling at you isn't the best way to go. :)