We're Home!

Here is what went right:
1. We're home

Here is what went wrong:
1. Dead battery
2. Snow (yes, snow!)
3. The dinosaur museum in Utah was closed (the only reason we went to Utah)
4. Hubby got a "hefty" ticket by the park ranger for riding on a trail that was CLEARLY MARKED closed.
5. The lake we camped at had been drained. No water to play in.

I'll stop there. It was one of those trips we will laugh and laugh about in 5 years. For now, I'll chalk it up to a learning experience. The kids had an OK time, I think. Yellowstone was incredible for the time we were there. I'm hoping for good sleep and a long, hot shower tonight. I'll post again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy....This is Brooke from CBS. I am laughing and crying at the same time while reading your blogs. Especially the woman who asked the question about siblings in the store. When my twins were infants---carrying double-carriers and dressed the same....I heard "are they twins"? and I would say "they are brothers born at the same time." Also "how far apart are they". My answer was "3 minutes." People are too funny. I actually think the idea of a toy library is great...can I steal your idea? Hope to see you in CBS this fall....and by the way I am the "non-outdoorsy-type", too. But I have two 6 1/2-year old boys. I'm doomed to go camping maybe even this summer. But I won't go to Utah! :-)

Courtney said...

oh bummer! I am looking forward to taking the kids to yellowstone someday.. have childhood memories of our family trip there...and was hoping you'd have lots of great tips !!! well, glad you're home!!!