Friends and Fun
David's college roommate was in town this week with his family. We met them at the park after they dropped their daughter off at the Air Force Academy. Dawn, the mom, held it together pretty well, I think. I was almost crying just thinking about taking any of my kids to college, let alone the AFA! New cadets are not allowed to call home for 6 weeks... AAAaaaaaaahhhhh! It was great to catch up with them, and just let our kids run around like maniacs. The weather here is a blissful 70 degrees, and we're happy to have it as it supposed to be scorching by this weekend. I love summer. I love the heat. But I'll take a cooler day here and there.


jcasperson said...

Everyday that I read this, I am totally amazed of how two people can make such a positive difference in this world. It humbles me.

Anne said...

Great photos of those adorable kids. Zinabu looks so cute and healthy and HAPPY!!