We're in for another week of glorious weather! Since that is half the reason we moved to Colorado, we're always pleased when mother nature complies. The kids spent the entire day after church building a fort. Never mind that they have a perfectly assembled one already. They wanted to build their own. They needed snack breaks throughout the construction process.

Below is the finished product. It includes a flag, too. I was a little surprised (and horrified) at the junk they were able to gather together from our backyard--the detritus of firewood and who knows what else. It made me feel like we were living with Sanford and Son.


hotflawedmama said...

That is awesome...I need to move to Colorado.

And your backyard looks a lot like ours. At least yours doesn't have the dog poo like ours does, they could have used it as spackle. :)

Christina said...

Is that a rock wall in your back yard?! We are all kinds of jealous!!! I knew we were fated to be friends :)