I had horrible insomnia last night. My brain just wouldn't shut off. At 4 am I finally fell asleep. Unfortunately my internal alarm clock that wakes me up without fail at 6:30 every morning had not yet adjusted to daylight savings. Neither have my kids, who also have internal alarm clocks that go off at 6:30. So imagine my horror when I opened my eyes and the clock said 7:45!

Guess what time school starts? 7:55.

No, wait. It gets worse. I was scheduled to work in the library this morning.

No, wait. It gets even worse. I was also scheduled to bring snacks in to Carver's class for an event they're having today.

I feel like the world's most incompetent mother. You can just imagine my hair today, can't you.

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Chatter said...

Oh nooooo.... so WHAT happened? Did you pull it off? If so, you are a way better mom than you think.