Thinking Happy Thoughts

Hooray for me! I packed 8 boxes yesterday. David cheered me on while he was working on a paper, but getting those few boxes done felt great. If I can take a couple of hours each weekend to pack, I think we'll be fine by the end of April/early May. And at one point, I'll have to wait to pack until we actually move, since I can't very well box up our clothes and dishes yet. I also need to make my "to do" list and spread it out over the next several weeks. It's mostly painting, but I think I won't feel so overwhelmed if I can tackle it a bit at a time.

I MUST get to my mom's and take some "before" pictures. The construction starts March 15th, and we are so excited. Bless my mom's heart, she has to live in the house with all the noise and dust, but she's just as excited as we are.

It is 72 degrees today. I don't know what on earth we did to earn such sublime weather, but it is heavenly. It also caused me to eat extra helpings of ice cream today (sorry David), but how could I not?

In other unrelated news, Zinabu starts soccer this week. It's through the YMCA and very low-key, but his coach's name is Billie Joe. She's a woman--named Billie Joe. I didn't know whether to laugh or give her a hug.


Deirdre said...

Progress! Good for you. Little by little and it'll be done before you know it.

I had a coworker (woman) named Billie Jo. For Zinabu's sake, I hope it's not the same lady.

Heatherbean said...

I think she's from down here! :)

hotflawedmama said...

Baby steps, that's awesome.

And I giggled at Billie Jean King. I think a hug is in order.

Old Men Reflect said...

Thanks for laughing.
Jim Bob

Anne said...

Cracking up over your photo -- love it!

Vivi said...

Do you really look that put together...cute top, chunky bracelet, flats...while you PACK? For pete's sake girl, lower the bar a little bit - give some of us a chance. :)

J thinks my yoga pants are my "dress up" pants.