Tomorrow David and Carver are taking a grand adventure together: a trip to San Francisco. David promised each child that when they were 10 years old, they would take a train trip somewhere. They depart from Denver, have a sleeper cabin, and are all hopped up for some male bonding. I am very, very excited for them--especially Carver, as he has not been "super keen" on his younger siblings as of late and needs a break from them. He and David have some great plans for their time together, like biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, a ferry ride, museums, and trolley cars.
I am just now emerging from this blasted illness that turned me into a pitiful lump of pain for the past several days. I woke up yesterday, discovered I could breathe through half my nose, and rejoiced! I tried to do too much, though... I was at Target picking up more of this and that and suddenly hit the wall: I contemplated curling up in a ball right there on the floor. I was dizzy and tired and wanted to crawl back in bed. But today is better and I hope to be 100% tomorrow. I have the loveliest hack. I sound so Charles Dickens ill! But I figure I've earned it.
And what are my plans for the week? Painting. And more painting. Our goal is to put our house on the market May 1, and I have about 5 weeks to clean and paint and get it ready. I promised Lily and Zinabu we would do something fun every day during spring break, but I also told them I would have to work a little each day. They looked at me skeptically, as if daring me to bribe them to be good. No bribes yet, but it is certainly not beneath me.


Old Men Reflect said...

I do remember the lone child trip. Absolutely the greatest thing on earth. Hope they have as much fun as your Grandfather and I did.

Glad you are better;,AND, no more jokes about people with double names.

Mark and Sarah said...

I am a tad jealous of Carver...yes, I'm 30 and still would love to take a 1:1 trip with my dad! How fun. Something he'll always remember fondly, I'm sure. Way to go David! As for you...sheesh lady, you need a break! Call in the...ummmm...your mom?? Bueller? Super Nanny? Somebody! Go get a pedi and pretend you're rich and famous and have not a care in the world. Really, you deserve it. Then come home and paint to your heart's content. :)

Chatter said...

This is awesome!! He will love it and always remember that. I just told hubby about this and we want to do it with our boys. Conner loves trains and would love to do something like this. Funny thing, I asked Nathan what age for a trip with the boys and he said 10! Remind me of this in 6 years Cathy b/c I will forget :). Thanks!
p.s. you going to the chs picnic?