Guilty Pleasures...
My BBF (best blogging friend) Heather recently tagged me for the following fun assignment: share 5 of my guilty pleasures. I had to think for a while about what to share, since my deep-dark secret guilty pleasures more or less peg me as a nerd. Gasp! Dare I share such trivial nonsense with my readers? However, after thinking for a while I came up with 5. Achtung! Here is your official warning that I lead a very boring and non-descript life and you will be let down if you think I'm going to confess to clandestine meetings with the mob or that I own a tea cup chihuahua and carry it with me to the grocery store. Uh... no.

If I am alone in the car (I think it happened once back in 2003) I lurrve listening to the BBC broadcast on NPR. I am in love with all things England, especially their delish accents. So I listen to the BBC news and repeat aloud what they're saying and pretend I live in London. So posh.

Books. I am a book fiend. I keep a stack just like this next to my bed. I need, need, need to have 2 books going at the same time and at least 4 in the wings waiting to be read. I get antsy if I don't know what I'm going to be reading next week. How is this a guilty pleasure? Because I am often reading when I should be doing other things, like parenting (did I just say that aloud?). Reading is the most divine form of escapism.

The Office. I bought David seasons one through four for his birthday and we had the greatest time working our way through them. Alas, David and I hardly see one another these days--let alone have time to watch any tv--so when season five comes out on DVD we'll buy it and get caught up. The writers for this show are bloody brilliant! (See? The BBC influences me all the time.)

My running play list. When I run, I prefer to run alone and listen to really great music. I should probably use that time to pray more or organize my thoughts, but I get sucked into my play list every time. I have a weakness for inappropriate rap music (Eminem, Kanye West, ahem). In my defense, though, you really need someone hollering at you with a steady rhythm to finish mile 10.

Sugar-cinnamon roasted almonds. We are frequenters to the Colorado College hockey games, and when we walk in the doors to the arena, we are always assaulted by the most amazing cinnamon smell. One day we went all out crazy and followed the smell. There was a vat of almonds being turned in a roaster and they were coated with cinnamon and sugar. We bought a bag, and after David and I each tried some our eyes met over the tops of our kids' heads and it was like we both had the same thought at the same time. This is nirvana. We will always buy these. Oh, sweet nectar of the gods, how have we been missing these all this time? I have since found a recipe to make them at home and they are just as yummy. I could eat 6 pounds of these in one sitting.
If you've read this, consider yourself tagged. Do share! Ooooh Vivi, Melodie, Kristin... do you have any?


Chatter said...

I'll have to think about this one. I definitely share the love of The Office.

Heatherbean said...

You're bloody fantastic!
And the arena in ATL smells the same way. It's DELISH.
You're daft if you think you are boring.
Okay, that's all I got, ya'll,. ;)

Vivi said...

Laughed out loud (I feel like I'm 12 when I write LOL...) reading this. I'd pay good money to sit in the backseat of your car listening to your brit impressions.

I'll try to whittle down my list of guilty pleasures...I certainly have more than 5. And while yours may make you a bit of a nerd, at least you sound like an educated nerd. Wait until you see mine. You might be sorry you asked. Stay tuned...

cathy said...

Didn't you notice I refrained from singing the praises of Dansko shoes and my silly love of all things Harry Potter? I tried to really stretch myself.

hotflawedmama said...

This is really crazy seeings I could honestly write the exact same things 1-4 but I would have to put Harry Potter as my 5th (make sure you say "Potter" like "Pottah").

But seriously obsessed with the Brits. I used to wish I could marry one...not to be I guess.

Wish I could try those almonds. They sound delish!

Old Men Reflect said...

Try cinnamon and sugar with the following:
pecans, whitebread, toast, put it on pancakes and stack the pancakes, and then put strawberry preserves on the top.

Guess I didn't have to take steroids to gain weight