Warning! Shameless Bragging Ahead...

A huge thanks to Mary at Owlhaven, who gave me the illustrious Golden Keyboard Award. She posted a question on her blog about how to promote friendship among your kids. I responded that I try to say "Yes" to my kids when they ask to do something that gets them working together. For my kids, that usually involves a huge mess, but I try to look past that and let them do something fun (like big mud holes and lemonade stands). Aren't we ALL too quick to say "No" to our kids just because it's easier??? How about you? How do you promote friendship among your kids?

I think the bigger question is who is Mary to be asking for advice/ideas? She has 10 children. Yes, let me repeat that. 10! Eight at home and 2 on the way from Ethiopia. Wow.

I'm so used to sticking my foot in my mouth that it's nice to know I said something worthwhile for a change.

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