I'd like to buy this sign and plant it in our front yard. I am very sleep deprived these days--so much that I'm going to submit my brain to science so they can study my ability to function at 2% instead of 100%. Sleep issues with a newly adopted toddler are to be expected. I'm just in a quandary about what to do. Fortunately, Zinabu isn't screaming all night long. He's just waking up every hour or so and needing me. I don't like co-sleeping because I never can sleep when I share a bed with a kid. (It's hard enough with a husband!) I do snuggle with Zinabu and I also have a chair next to his bed. I sit in the chair until he falls back asleep, but in another hour he's awake again and needing me. I hope this is a short phase. I also hope for a lot of wisdom about how to help him go back to sleep on his own. I can't keep this up forever. Any advice?


Anonymous said...

You indeed are in a quandry! If attachment issues weren't involved here, I'd tell him to tough it out and get his butt back in bed. But, that is not the case with your sweet boy who needs his mama for comfort. My best advice is to love him up and as his language/permanence with you increases, decrease your proximity to his bed until you are back in yours for a good six hours at a time. Until then, pray for strength as you operate on less than needed sleep! It will get better. Blessings,
Jennifer Scott

cathy said...

Thanks Jennifer. I still remember the day you came to Bible Study and said L had slept through the night. We all cheered. Sleep....so wonderful. I appreciate you comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cathy.

I used to be against co-sleeping too--until exhaustion won out. Tekle still comes to our bed about 2 times a week. Aaron is there every night. After a while I kinda got used to it--It took Tekle quite awhile to be able to go to sleep alone without one of us laying down with him. He still likes it if he gets the option. Our next youngest child had night terrors so she broke us into having a bed partner.

Cindy S.