The Helmet Is Replaced!

It appears Zinabu has found something that trumps the helmet. An old set of headphones from our pre-iPod days. Given the fact that we have few battles to pick with our new boy, headphones all day (and all night) is just plain funny!

I would love to go to bed right now with a pair of headphones...preferably playing some great book-on-tape I could listen to. How ironic that even AFTER you bring your child home from Ethiopia, the paperwork continues. The piles are growing, and each day I say, "I'll get to that tonight." Eh hem--it hasn't happened yet. Not to mention reams of thank-you notes and pictures to send to family. I'm swooning at the thought!


KelseyChristine said...

Haha cute.

He looks so angelic!

Stacy said...

what a cute boy! Thanks Cathy for keeping up your blog. I am so glad he's home and healthy now.

Swerl said...

What a cute little guy! Glad he's doing better!