Language and Love

Zianbu is easing into our family quite well. Really, I'm not sugar-coating it. He is happy and HEALTHY. He throws an occasional tantrum (usually when he has to put on a seat belt) but what 3 year old doesn't? Mostly though he's glued to my side and ready to play. The tough part for me now (other than my aching back from holding him) is the language barrier. We can communicate well enough as far as potty, sleep, share, eat, etc. But I miss the conversations I could be having with him. Kids are so funny, I hate that it will be a few months before I can really "get" all that he's saying. The other day, one of Lily's friends said, "I can't wait till I'm 100. Because then I'll have a servant who will carry me around since my legs won't work." Is that a riot or what??? Those are the things I hate to miss with Zinabu. I'm trying to be patient as I continue in my role as "nanny" and ease slowly into "mom." I feel like a nanny because I care for his needs, but I'll feel more like a mom when I can talk to him about why ice cream is so yummy. It's hard to explain... I'm such an impatient person. It's hard to wait.

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Courtney said...

that bottom picture is so sweet of you two :)