George W. decided to impose sanctions against Sudan to try to stop the violence in Darfur. The sanctions are against companies that supply petroleum and military vehicles. I don't know if that will make a dent to the thousands of people who have already died or are still suffering. "The people of Darfur are crying out for help,'' Bush said. "I promise this to the people of Darfur: The United States will not avert our eyes from a crisis that challenges the conscience of the world.'' In my opinion, the White House is too little too late in this one. (Like 4 years!) Besides, sanctions always hurt the poor, the children, the displaced, the people that have so little. I wish there were another way...

Here in comfy America, I have the privilege of cooking whatever I want for dinner, drive-thru Starbucks, fresh-cut flowers, 25 different brands of toothpaste, organic asparagus or conventional, free checking, and all kinds of other luxuries I take for granted on a moment by moment basis. It's sickening. What am I most thankful for? My kids. Their health and safety. Their love. There was a lot of giggling coming from Zinabu's bed tonight, and when I went to check on him, this is what I found.

They're sleeping together like 2 hot dogs in a bun right now. How blessed I am.


Swerl said...

While I agree it was late in coming (for obvious geopolitical reasons and Bush's emphasis on the "war on terror" above all else), short of an invasion (and we know how well that works), there's little else we CAN do. I think publicly embarrassing Sudan for both the genocide and their disingenuous lying to cover it up, as well as targeted divestment to impact their business class economically may be effective, if China doesn't just pick up the slack.

I think pressuring China is the next front.

The fact is that Sudan has encouraged genocide, slavery, etc. of their black population.

ALL black people in Darfur are basically displaced right now.

Check out the damage at "Google Earth."

These are NOT sweeping medical embargoes that affected Iraq (although I'm sure all the Iraqis are nostalgic for those hardships -- beats being blown up at a fruit stand). These are targeted at VERY RICH companies owned and controlled by a very rich government -- a government who, until Sept. 11th, covered for bin Laden and for generations, allowed Arab tribes to subjugate and enslave black Africans.

cathy said...

I agree with all you said. My post was a very general statement on a complicated issue. I don't know that these sanctions will work, and I'm glad they're not medical/relief sanctions. I just said I WISH there were a better way. Right now, this might be the best solution in a situation where we are running out of solutions. I guess I was mostly trying to make the point that this is like sticking duct tape on a crack in the dam. Bush should have tried to seal the dam years ago. Thanks for you comments!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy - this is Rhonda, Sam's mom. I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye to you at CBS! You were such a great teacher and he learned SO much.

I love keeping up with you in your blog. You have a precious family! Hope to see you soon!


Jim Casperson said...

Cathy, I always enjoy these daily updates on your family. Hope that Zin the Master gets to meet us all soon. Uncle Jim