A Day With The Animals...

The animals being the billions of children at the zoo today. When I started blogging, I wanted to refrain from negative posts about my kids (and husband). Still, there's "wants" and there's "real life." Today was the big field trip to the zoo, and both Carver and Lily's classes went. How fun, I thought. I'll help chaperon and bring Zinabu. We'll have a wonderful time together. (Snort!) Famous last words. Here in our city, this is the last week of school for most districts. Every elementary school in a 50 mile radius seemed to be at the zoo today. Check out the look on Lily's face in the photo. That's an accurate reflection of how we all felt. Zinabu threw no fewer than 5 tantrums today. Too overstimulated. Me too.

May we never speak of this day again. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

Hi again Cathy.

I just read your blog about the zoo--it sure brought back memories--last year at about this time Lacy's class had a zoo field trip. Tekle had been home 5 months--Aaron a year. Just like you did, I thought this was the perfect way to be involved and fun too... And like your experience it was a nightmare. Lots of people--a 4 year old who kept wandering off--a toddler who needed to be held to see anything. Instead of assigning any kids to my group--I needed another parent to help me. Frustrating, humbling, and thankfully in the past!!!!