So Much News
I had a sweet, poignant Mother's Day. I was overwhelmed with gratitude that Zinabu is with us now. But given that there are 3 birth mothers attached to our lives, Mother's Day can be a little tricky, too. My children's pasts are so different...so unique...I feel blessed that Carver, Lily, and Zinabu call me mom. I waver at times about how I think/feel toward their birth families. And honestly, there are lots of times I don't think about their birth families at all. I am so connected to my kids, so MOM to them, it's easy to disengage from their biological roots. Zinabu's situation brings it all back--slamming me in the face. There is so much pain, so much unfairness, so much grief for one so young. It's hard to put into words...

Lots of people want to know how Zinabu is doing with the language issue. I confess it is more fun than frustrating. Remember, he's 3. Most 3 year olds lives revolve around themselves, so I understand what he's saying 80% of the time. I would guess I know 30 Amharic words by now, and Zinabu knows about 40 English words. He's doing amazing. This morning he learned the word "yummy" and he's said it often today. He uses the word "no" emphatically and with gusto. He loves to call us animal names. Today he called me a chicken and laughed his head off.

Zinabu is much more relaxed about his clothes, although he loves to change shirts several times a day. He spends a lot of time walking through the house wanting to know who owns what. He points to the scissors and I say, "Mommy's." He points to a toy and I say "Zinabu's." He's fine if I tell him something is Carver's or Lily's...he just wants to know the lay of the land. We are teaching him "Everyone's" so he knows there are lots of things around the house that we share. We've almost got this down. Today he was carrying a can of black beans and saying, "Every body's Zinabu's. " Like if he adds his name at the end it makes it a little more his.

Zinabu has very little interest in TV (which I think is great) but I feel like a little Sesame Street is a good thing for him at this age. We got a Cookie Monster DVD from the library, and I ask you... is there anything funnier than a 3 year old, Amharic-speaking boy belly laughing at Cookie Monster? Humor is universal, and Zinabu loves to laugh. He really amazes me.


Heather said...

I am LOVING the pics!

Swerl said...

How great that he is so comfortable with all of you! Awesome kid!