5:15 Wake up and run.
6:15 Shower, drink coffee, and pretend like I'm excited to be up that early.
6:30-7:35 Make pancakes, make lunches, make kids happy, sign papers, grab sweatshirts, bite my tongue about what my oldest is wearing, try not to forget anything as we walk out the door.
7:50 Kiss Lily and Zinabu good bye and drop them off at school.
8:15 Kiss Carver good bye and drop him off at school.
8:15:01 Turn on the radio and listen to NPR to catch the news.
8:20 Stop at the park and play fetch with the dog.
8:40 Drop off dog at house, check on Mom, attempt to tidy things a little but finally admit it's a losing battle. Throw dinner together and stick it in the fridge with instructions of when to bake it.
9:00 At Ali's house. Go in her car with her and talk non-stop. We have a rare morning of getting together with Shannon and the three of us grab coffee, buy birthday presents, and look for Halloween costumes.
11:30 Realize I forgot lunch. Start getting hungry. On my way to Lily and Zinabu's school.
11:40 Sign in at school for the day. Stop by the cafeteria to say hi to my babies. Learn that youngest baby traded all his grapes for BBQ potato chips. Try not to wring youngest baby's neck.
11:45 Start my volunteer work at the library. Spend 2.5 hours helping shelve books, talking to sweet kiddos about what they want to read, and blatantly push my favorite authors on unsuspecting minors.
2:30 Find Lily and Zianbu and start driving home.
2:45 Drop off Lily, who is excited because it's cooking day for her with one of our neighbors. She goes over there to bake. Grab some snacks. Grab drum sticks and music books. Leave for drum lessons.
3:00-3:30 Spend a blissful 30 minutes finishing a fantastic book while Zinabu pounds away on the drums with his drum instructor.
3:45 Take Z home and dash off to Carver's school to pick him up and take him to a wrestling meet. Find out that 3 other kids need a ride to the wrestling meet, so I quickly grab them as well.
3:48 Listen to one of my passengers tell me he has to have a window seat or he'll get sick. Make sure that kid sits by the window.
4:15-6:15 Watch a middle school wrestling meet. This is my second. I spend the entire time cringing and holding my breath. There are no words to describe it. David stops by and we share a quick visit. I make sure he knows to get dinner ready.
6:30 We're home. Eat dinner with family. Pretend to be listening as Lily asks for the ten thousandth time for a horse. Notice Zinabu sounds stuffy and probably is getting another cold.
7:00 Clean up and start homework.
7:30 Help Lily and Carver with their instrument practice.
8:00 Put Zinabu to bed.
8:30 Put Lily to bed.
8:45 Put Carver to bed.
8:46 Stare at a blank wall.


hotflawedmama said...

I'm needing a nap just reading that!

rebekah said...

It is like that, isn't it? Glad you got your run in. Good reminder to make sure I do the same today. How's your training? In any normal year I would be doing that half with you for sure.

Bridget said...

Wow- could you be any more lazy?
But, the real question is...WHO is this child that prefers grapes to BBQ potato chips??? Blasphemy!

Vivi said...

So...what do you like to do in all of your free time? :)