I Dare You Not To Laugh

Couldn't do it? Neither could I.

The photo is a little blurry because I could not stop giggling. Carver decided to join the wrestling squad at school. Carver, who weighs (fully dressed and soaking wet) a feathery 70 pounds. Carver, who is so ticklish all you have to do is say you're going to touch him and he dissolves into giggles. Carver, who is the smallest kid on the squad and has had to wrestle girls. They gave him and extra small uniform, and it's still baggy. It just doesn't get any funnier.

But I'll give him props for his attitude. He is happy and loving it. Despite David and I "suggesting" he try something else. He doesn't care about his size. He doesn't care about his ability. He doesn't care if it isn't the most popular sport. He just wants to get out there and have fun. He's just so amazing at this thing called life.

He could give me a few lessons.


Old Men Reflect said...

Nothing tests character like wrestling. Football players are afraid of wrestlers. (regardless of size)


Sounds like Carver has what it takes to be happy in his life.

rebekah said...

I was just thinking my very little Matthew would be an amazing wrestler...

Rock on Carver!

Bridget said...

I had secret crushes on wrestlers his size in junior high. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone.

hotflawedmama said...

I didn't laugh I did the "ahhhhhh" for an extended time though.

My brother was a wrestler, so was my dad. They were about 4'9 120lbs as SENIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL. So Carver is in good company. ;)

Go for it Carver!

jayme said...

Love your kids.

Mama Papaya said...

No laughing, just loving and admiring. Bring it Carver!

Vivi said...

I admit, I giggled just a little bit, but only because little boys' bodies are just so darn cute (and I mean that in a very mom-kind of way!). I love that the biggest part of him is his kneecaps.

Wrestling grosses me out, and I was just thinking about it yesterday (why?!?!?) and hoping Meaty would never want to do it. But good for Carver for having such an awesome attitude about trying something new and something that he may not be the best at. Great kid. But you already knew that. :)