I have this huge, gigantic, ranting, pleading, political, religious post in my head that I've written 50 different times and just need to get it out there, but then I think, "Really?" Who would it make feel better? Uh... me. And would it help society in any way? Um, probably not. It ranks right up there with other stupid ideas I've had like growing my hair out. November 2 can't come soon enough, because I'm tired of the hate and the whining and the bickering and the bull and the polarizing and the same 3 issues (being gay, abortion, and taxes) being hashed out over and over and over again. Really, people? We haven't moved forward at all? Look, I'm a Christian. I'll come out and say it after years of beating around the bush. But don't put me in a box and don't assume you'll know what I think on every issue. How would Jesus vote? To be honest, Jesus probably wouldn't make it to the polls in time because He'd be too busy working in a soup kitchen. I just want to wake up on November 3rd, read the results in the paper--good and bad--and get on with life. And then keep working in my own village on the issues that are important to me (cough... public school, equality, adoption... cough). Therefore, I will spare you my brain ga-ga and give you a photo of cutie Z on hay bales. Happy? Of course you are.

PS--This is not to say that I take for granted my right to vote. Oh no. Not at all. I'm just worn out with the campaigning.


Jennifer said...

yes yes and yes... me too

Old Men Reflect said...

I loathe Tom Tancredo. He makes me realize that we need to be in constant fear of the "right" having another Nazi.

Oh sorry=Politicing on your BLOG.