I'm Not Making This Stuff Up.
My children are so funny. This is how I found them the other night while
they were practicing their instruments.
Why he's wearing the ninja scarf while drumming, I don't know. Don't ask me
such difficult questions. Too bad his extra large Ethiopian forehead prevents
him from really seeing out of the eye hole. It's a little awkward.

Why are they so weird? Carver practicing in his snowboard
boots. He was excited because they're new and he
didn't want to take them off.


Melodie Monberg said...

How'd your wood floors hold up? smile Love that you capture your children's personalities for future reference!

Vivi said...

Oh friend. I think we're living parallel lives sometimes...I wouldn't even blink at my kids wearing stuff like that (you've seen my pics, and basically said the same!). So funny.

Chatter said...

Your kiddos rock!! I love when you share photos like these :) My boys are just getting into the imaginative ages and I'm loving every second of it!