This is what Carver came home from school with the other day. The Boy Scouts made a presentation and passed out these little handbooks. Anyone besides me see the complete irony of handing a bunch of 12 year old boys a free pass to arson?


Deirdre said...

And in a high-wind, low-humidity week no less. Smaaaaaaaaaart.

Vivi said...

Oh dear...not super smart. No, not at all. Can you actually hear all those wheels spinning now?!?!?

Old Men Reflect said...

I would be very happy to teach:
9 ways to smoke in school and not get caught.
9 ways to get free soda pop from a vending machine.
How in 9 seconds you can turn a penny into a dime in a vat of acid.
9 ways to play poker.
9 ways to drink vodka without your hands.