What's the "blogging network" I referred to in one of my recent posts? Let me show you. A little while back I did a small favor for Sarah. No biggie. Really.

I went to get the mail today and found a darling package containing the most beautiful pants inside. A crude person would call them pajama bottoms, but to me they are "crack-open-an-elizabeth-berg-novel-and-pour-a-huge-cup-of-coffee-and-ignore-the-kids" pants. Oh no? Oh yes.

So who's the most thoughtful blogging buddy in the world? Sarah! That's who.
Perfect fit, and oh so comfortable.

Three different types of fabric...and a little pleat on the hem. Seriously? She's amazing.


Mark and Sarah said...

Glad you like em'--now go eat some bon bons and forget about the kids in those fancy pants!

jayme said...


Mama Papaya said...

Sew yummy!