Retro Pictures

I have no new pictures to post because I've been a tad occupied in the busy department and I don't think I could even tell you where the camera is right now. Rest assured we all look the same. Quick updates:

Carver has pretty much chosen the middle school he wants to attend, and rather than pretend it's not happening (a practice that was serving me quite well up until a few weeks ago) I have jumped on the bandwagon and am happy to say we're pleased with the school, how the 6th graders are sheltered from the big, mean, adolescent 7th and 8th graders, and the electives he can take to make it feel like he's not really in school although he is. He has a science project coming up and he has to pick a topic and run an experiment on it. So far he's come up with "leaving a lot of rotten food outside his bedroom window and seeing what animals he can attract."


Lily is growing again and I can hardly keep her in clothes that fit. She is taking a liking to cooking (proof we do not share DNA) and is always asking to make something. She is a great big sister, which is a role she has always enjoyed but was reluctant to fully embrace until recently. She and Zinabu are really, really good friends. YES, THEY FIGHT! But it is always outweighed by their creativity. Yesterday she pretended to be a kangaroo and Zinabu was her "keeper."

Zinabu is fully Americanized. He wanted to buy a pack of Pokemon cards. He is doing great at school and takes for granted that most of the staff there is friends with David and me. He doesn't realize that not every kid in school knows the other teachers on a personal level. He still never, ever shuts up. Ever.

30 Days of Nothing caused a few stumbling blocks in my schedule last week. I'm back on track though. I'm trying to think of a challenge for February, and every month after, for the rest of 2010. I have a few ideas I've been kicking around, and some I'm narrowing down to more achievable goals. Jayme is doing this as well. Jayme doesn't know it yet, but she may have to make a few "guest posts" on my blog. Everyone should have access to Jayme the way I do.

Coolest... person... ever. (you are too, David, just in a different way.)

I leave you with some pictures from Ethiopia. Look at that cutie pie!!!!!!


Melodie Monberg said...

You peaked my curiosity. Went to Jayme's blog but it's private. I'd love to hear her thoughts personally. Can you get me an invite?


jayme said...

Melodie, you can definitely have an invite, I just need your e-mail address! I wish there were an easier way to allow people access to my blog (or just block certain people) argh. b

Cathy, you are the sweetest! I'm seriously blushing over here.

And those pictures!!! So, so sweet!