There is still good in the world. Read this.

Except for Rush Limbaugh. He's a big idiot. Read this.

I won't even get started on Pat Robertson.

(UPDATE: As of Friday afternoon, Americans have texted over 10 million in relief funds!)

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Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

Oh my gosh - what a maroon! (Said like Bugs Bunny). I mean, even if you are anti-Obama, why can't you see that the people of Haiti are in DESPERATE need of assistance right now? Is he really that much of a bigot against Obama? And can he blame Obama for a natural disaster? How can that be "part of Obama's plan"? 'Splain me that one, Luce! Sorry, but I agree with you...the man has LOST IT!

Oh yeah, and a side note - YES, Aunt Diana...if you read this, this IS your niece Bekka that responds under this screen name!