Jayme's Day

Jayme is participating in 30 Days of Nothing and has some big plans for her month. Her biggest sacrifice is going to be Sunday brunch (and perhaps alcohol, depending on how naughty her kids might be). It is her family tradition, and she and her husband and kids look forward to it all week. That's a big item to give up. Today, Jayme's husband informed her they didn't have any more deodorant. He is wondering if they should just "smell" for the entire month. That made me laugh! Jayme managed to stick to her budget at Target today (where she shops for food) and even used a gift card to help with some of the total. This brings up an interesting point. Where do gift cards fit into 30 Days of Nothing? I, personally, feel that if you have a gift card to Starbucks or The Gap, you should save it until February. Otherwise, how will you know how it feels to deny yourself? Using a gift card for gas or groceries is great, since you're more or less agreeing to buy those necessities anyway for the next month.

That's just my two cents. Do whatever you want with it.

In our news I am trying hard to hold it all together until my kids go back to school on Wednesday. We have had a sweet, relaxing, lovely break together. But we're done. We are so done. Today we went swimming at the Y and I heard myself say, "I need a few minutes of no one touching me!" I'm tired of being groped by people under the age of 10. Zinabu has taken to eating limes. So tonight at dinner I sliced one in half and put one half in my water and gave the other half to him. After ten minutes of watching him suck it dry, I asked him to set it down and start eating his chicken. He wasn't really happy about that.

We are so, so done.


Mama Papaya said...

Wishing you Wednesday. So know where you are right now.

Old Men Reflect said...

Okay--So the kids have got you a little edgy. Just think, summer break is only four months away.

Life is really nothing more than a series of ups and downs. Unfortunately when you have children, their ups and downs take precedent over yours.

Never, never give up alcohol. Never let mood enhancing pharmaceuticals go unfilled, and never miss a chance to ask yourself: "I wonder if they sell earplugs at Walgreens?"

Melodie Monberg said...

and we start on Thursday so you lucky, lucky woman! smile

I agree with the gift cards...but had to make two exceptions this month. we are using one given to us for our anniversary dinner and I purchased one with hard saved cash last month to get the 50% deal on my kid's clothes this month. But only what's on the card and only for my children...

Vivi said...

Thanks for keepin' it real. I can soooo relate to I've-been-touched-too-much-today-but-thanks-for-whining-too and Banany likes to eat lemons. Seriously? Where did you come from? I was ready to get back into the routine again yesterday...hang in there!

jayme said...

The twins went back to school yesterday. I can't even tell you what it's done for my peace of mind! I hope Wednesday comes very very quickly!

As for the gift cards, it is an interesting question, and I definitely agree with your logic.

I thought long and hard before deciding to use my gift card for groceries. My rationale was twofold: first, one of our goals (though certainly not the most important one) is to save as much money as possible this month. Using the gift card helped us with respect to that.

Secondly, I realized that if I didn't use it for groceries this month, I would be more tempted to find a way to rationalize using it to buy something I want rather than something I need at a later date.

I do have an enormous tea collection credit from a contest we won that's incredibly tempting to spend, especially given the fact that there are several items I've been wanting that just went on sale. But I won't do it. There will always be more opportunities.