The first week of January is well under way, and I'm trying to plan ahead for any bumps in the road that might come with no spending. I confess that once again I alone am attempting this undertaking. I haven't really involved the kids. Mostly because I see this as something very valuable for me and a way for me to get a handle on my spending opportunities. Melodie has an interesting post here. When I do 30 Days of Nothing again, it will involve the kids, and we will set up a giant jar on the kitchen counter. Anytime we forgo a meal out or admission to a fun event, we can put the savings in the jar. At the end of the month we can pick a charity we want to support and send the money off to a family/person that truly needs it. Getting my children involved will be the next level of financial sacrifice and going without. I have big dreams of us--as a family--taking a week each summer to work with Habitat for Humanity or something similar, but starting now on a smaller scale will help my children see that we want to be a family who gives back of their time and resources.

I am so glad that so many families are trying 30 Days of Nothing. I promise you won't regret it!

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Vivi said...

Way to go. Again. I'm so impressed with you. Again. I look forward to following your journey this month.