Things I Know To Be True:
My kids are practical jokers. Plastic spiders in my bed are just a warm-up for them.
We are having baked ziti for dinner.
I am tired of whining.
It should snow tonight.
Auntie Bev rocks (see previous post).
David is overworked.
I miss making jewelry.
I don't miss running a business.
I love reading books that challenge me.
Lily is good at creating mystery illnesses.
I don't think I could be a good mom if we had more kids.
I don't know what a "good mom" is supposed to look like.
*Putting your gerbils in a little box outside in the cold--late at night--is a decent way to end their lives if they are suffering.
*That last little tip I'm giving to you at no charge.


Laura said...

I was wondering how you "took care" of the gerbils. Good idea. I don't think I would have thought of that.

I like the way you think. Your blog makes me smile.

Oh, and even though we don't know each other, I am pretty sure you would be a better mom than a child having no mom.

Vivi said...

Thanks for the gerbil tip and satisfying my curiousity. Now I know.

Do you ever get your kids back? You're a creative, intelligent, clearly resourseful gal. Certainly there must be a way to channel all of that to repay a spider in the bed. I'm just sayin'.

Stacy said...

my first thought when i saw that photo: "ok, so visiting Denver is out" then i realized it was plastic and now i want to visit.