What's In A Name?
As Lily continues to dream of dogs, and David and I concede that there will most likely be a four-legged friend under the next Christmas tree, I can't help but think of dog names. Here are my top three:

1. Mr. Darcy
2. Edward
3. Harry Potter

Lily's top three:

1. Cookie
2. Brownie
3. Spot

I am determined to sway her.


Heatherbean said...

Ha...we have a Brownie! He came from the pound with that name. He's the best dog ever, too. SO I gotta go with Lil! Sorry! :)
Ok, Edward works too.

Vivi said...

Love Mr. Darcy. I hope you win.

If we ever get a dog (we won't), we said we'd name him Amos. My sister has a big ol' mellow dog named Cletus.

Maybe you can at least get Lily to be more creative than Spot. :) Though I did grow up with a dog named Fred.

Also like the sassy new background.

Tiny's Mom said...

I like Mr. Darcy. I like animals with formal names :)

hotflawedmama said...

We have an Aristotle, Abe and used to have a cat named Bruce McCallister. So I'm for formal names too.

You know I, like you, have a weird gravitation towards all things Harry Potter so that's who I'm going with. Maybe it depends on the kind you get? If it's light colored you could even throw in a Dumbledore. Now I'm just getting crazy.

They say dogs hear hard syllables best (though I have no idea where I heard that) so something like Potter would be great. :)

Yay for dogs!

Old Men Reflect said...

Best names for dogs: