Recently Overheard

Zinabu: Mom, I didn't wear underpants today.*

Me: Uh, okay. I bet that was uncomfortable.

Zinabu: Heeee heee heee.

(Note to self: check Zinabu for underpants.)

Zinabu: Hey goldfish, do you miss your friends? How about I eat you and then you can be with your friends. The ones I already eated. They are in my tummy and they are calling for you. "Oh, GOLDfish" they are saying. First I will bite your head off and you will go down my throat and into my tummy. Then I will bite your fins and then all of you will be inside my tummy with your friends. How does that sound, goldfish? Then I will go to the bathroom and you can all go swimming together down the drain.

Me: Ahem!

*Vivi, looks like our kids have something in common.


Stacy said...

omg that conversation is hysterical!!!!

Mrs. Baker said...

Oooohhh! I have been wanting to start writing on my pics scrapbook style too...I likey!

Jill said...

Hi Cathy,
I laughed OUT LOUD while acquainting myself w/ your blog & your three beautiful kids! I am a good friend of peep-eye (Christina's) and she referred me to speak to you. WHEN you get a minute in your busy life (truly, no hurry!), I would love to pick your brain about domestic adoption. We live in AZ and I need to start researching that route, but don't even quite know how to tackle such a gauntlet. When you have a quick minute, please feel free to email me if you'd like, so we can chat a bit! Thanks much!


Vivi said...

What up Britney Spears? Why are our children running around underwearless?!?!?

Very cute goldfish account. At least he gives them a soothing pep talk before he chomps their heads off.