Bad Blogger!
That's me. A bad, bad blogger. I've been meaning to write, but by the time I get to the computer I'm too tired. David and I had the Academy Awards on last night while doing other things, and watching Slumdog Millionaire take home all the big prizes made me feel like even more of an outcast in society. Haven't seen the movie and probably never will... Oh well.

Best thing that happened this weekend? Kids got on the jumbo-tron at the Colorado College hockey game. They always do, as I truly believe they are the only African Americans in the entire arena and it always looks good to put our kids up for the whole audience to see. But Carver, Lily, and Z loooooove it!

Worst thing that happened this weekend? Getting a call from a friend who said, "My cousin is moving to town and I know you're going to sell your house soon so we were wondering if we could come by? We'd love to look at your house. We can come by in about 3 hours, does that work?" I should have said no. But of course I said "sure," even as I looked at the breakfast dishes and the piles of laundry and the recycling overflowing under the kitchen sink. A massive cleaning epidemic ensued.


Matthew said...

How funny! I thought those kids looked familiar. Matt and I got last minute tickets and were with all the parents of the MN team! How funny is that!

Matthew said...

Okay...that was Melodie Monberg...didn't realize that I was signed up under my husband's name!


Anonymous said...

so did they buy your house?! Jennifer Scott

Chatter said...

Maybe you'll sell your house to them. I hope so. We ended up becoming landlords since our home didn't sell. Last minute scrambles are always insane but I always appreciate having the clean house afterward. Good luck with all the craziness!