The Weekend

I think David and I are both in agreement when we say that the past 10 days have been positively brutal. Turns out a lot of people get divorced when one spouse tries to get their doctorate, and have a full-and-a-half time job, and have a family. It has been terribly rough. We didn't see one another for more than a few minutes here and there the entire week. We are stretched way too thin, and it doesn't help that the kids are stretched thin, too. When there's not enough of mom and dad to go around, their responses are not pretty.
Our dyslexic/dysgraphia kiddo started occupational therapy for handwriting. It's a 12 week therapy course and we should see some improvement by the end. The therapists do a lot of fun activities to keep the kids motivated, meaning they do not all sit around a table and practice handwriting for an hour and a half. They do muscle strengthening and fine motor skill workouts, and practice forming letters. Our child, more or less, has to relearn how to write. I was having a pity party about the co-pays and extra work for our already wary child, but then you see some of the other children that need physical therapy, and I quickly shut my trap. We are blessed.

Carver had his big 4th grade science project to wrap up this weekend. We built a sling-shot out of PVC pipe and launched balls to see how far they would go. Do you love the cape and gloves he's got on? Apparently all in the name of science. To be fair, Carver did a lot of work on the project, but there's just no way 9 and 10 year olds can do this on their own, so it was Mom to the rescue.
Having kids in elementary school is a riot.

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Mark and Sarah said...

Oh Cathy,
Hang in there! I cannot imagine how terrible things must be...as a single (married) parent to three, who only wishes she had help and more time with her husband. And VDay to boot. Sucks.