So, so sick. Not sure how this happened, but he's a sickie poo. Poor baby. Bummer, too, as it's a gorgeous day outside and he can't enjoy it. Meanwhile, Zinabu is entertaining me with tales of "who did what" at preschool today. For example:
Patrick and me played police and we caught Dominic but Dominic got mad at us and he pretended to shoot us and then he didn't want to play anymore and he cried so me and Patrick told him we wanted to play with him and we told him we'd play something else and then Dominic was our friend again.
If only my life were so easy!


Melodie Monberg said...

That actually looks quite fun...I miss the days of being a kid and sick! By the way, I do have strep...so fun!

Heatherbean said...

I dunno, Carver has a little Ferris Bueller twinkle in his eyes! Haha. I hope he feels better soon!
Love the Z story. Hey, at least people aren't shooting at you!

Old Men Reflect said...

and I told W. to get away from me, and he was a bad boy.

Chatter said...

Good for Carver for mustering a smile for the camera. He does look pretty cozy in his bed. He looks like he is well taken care of Cathy. Hope he gets feeling better soon. There are some nasty bugs going around.