Weekend? What weekend. That went by fast. I logged onto my blog and saw the last time I had written was days ago. I was going through withdrawal!

Yesterday I said good-bye to my mom as she left for a two-week trip to Israel. I confess it did not go well for me. We are very close, and I don't like sending her across the world on airplanes (you should all know by now how I feel about those things) and to places where bombs explode. She's not supposed to be near Gaza, but still! Since my dad passed away, I cling a little tighter to her.

I don't blog about my mom much because, well... she reads the blog. But since she is out of the country for two weeks, I can take this moment to dish on her a bit. She's a lifeline to me. The person I call when things go wrong or need to chat or need to vent. She raised three children: boy, girl, boy. As I have a boy, girl, boy under my care, she makes a darn good parenting resource for me.

When my dad died a few years ago from a brain tumor, there was the trauma of the illness and then the death. It was just too much for her. She has not been the same since. I often tell my close friends, "When my dad died, I lost my mom, too." She was so altered by the grief (and she has every right to be--it was hell) she is a shell of what she used to be. I still glimpse the "old" mom I remember from before, but for the most part she functions on auto-pilot and does her best to get through each day. That is why we are moving in with her. I want her to have a life again.

I hope she has a great trip. I hope she comes back full of life and eager to do more. But I'm also glad that we're one step closer to being with her full-time.


Chatter said...

That is a great picture! You and your mother are very beautiful! Sorry to hear what your mother is going through. I can't imagine. May the future bring just the change she needs.

Mark and Sarah said...

A stunning picture of you two. So glad you and your mom are so close...I'm sure it makes a huge difference in both of your lives, especially in light of the tragedy of your father's illness and death. Hoping for sunny days ahead (literally too!).

hotflawedmama said...

I'm with you. If your family can't bring out "old mom" again who could, right?

Ode to moms!

Kari said...

Cool picture of the two of you! If anything can breathe life back into a person, it is family and love. Can't wait to hear more!

Vivi said...

Love the picture. She's blessed to have a loving, caring daughter like you...no doubt a reflection of the way she raised you.

Mrs. Baker said...

What a great post. I love hearing about your mom....I hope the life of the kiddos and the smile of Z will bring laughter into her life.

I love the pic.