My mother is so going to kill me. But this is too fun. I don't have any new pictures of the kids, and you don't need to see any more pictures of me, so here is a blast from the past: my mother the vamp. There's a good chance my dad took this photo, and you can see by the ring on her finger they were engaged. She sure knew how to pose!

This one is classic! This was her "professional" look. She taught 5th grade and wore dresses and heels to work every day. Don't let the smile fool you. This woman could raise one eyebrow and give the death stare to any student who misbehaved. (She can still do it, too.)
I'm meeting with the contractor today to discuss the final house plans, and I think they'll get started ripping things apart the first week of March. Today we had a hurricane. Li-ter-a-ly! We get these crazy storms over the mountains that bring 75mph winds. It was horrible today. Poor Carver and Lily walked to school and almost died. Lily walked backward to keep the sticks and sand out of her eyes. Carver came back to the house and got his ski goggles to wear for eye protection. Who knew walking to school could be so hazardous?


Christina said...

Your mom is one of my new favorite people. I would KILL for my hair to do what hers does in that first photo.

And the goggles? Priceless.

Thanks Cathy. Today was a rough day, but I can always count on this blog to brighten my spirits. Happy house preparations!

Vivi said...

Wow, girl...you do look like your mother! I haven't seen you doing your version of the "professional" look, but that top photo could be you!

Chatter said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! And ditto Vivi's response - you do look like your mother.

Old Men Reflect said...

She looks like me.
Can't wait to see what the house looks like after the work.