I took 2 minutes and walked through the house and snapped some random photos. In no particular order:

He's really only a threat to himself.

Bun Bun, giving kisses

Two milk cartons, painted red and just waiting for Carver and Lily to make them into Valentine holders.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s permanent spot on our refrigerator.

Our upstairs toilet with a plunger in it. It's currently clogged because a certain Ethiopian has not learned to use toilet paper in moderation.

Zinabu thinks it's funny to leave plastic spiders or snakes on my pillow. He really believes it scares me.
Lily's current dog choice: dalmation.


Heather & Adam said...

I wanna come to your house. :(

Mama 2 Three said...

I love the random pics, I need to do that!

Stacy said...

that was fun! I may copy you soon (as soon as i clean my house that is!). Did you tell Lily about Lucy's dog and the picnic playdate????