So what's new with you? Around here we've been passing the dreaded intestinal flu between each other like a re-gifted holiday present. It just wouldn't be possible for only one of us to get it. Noooooooo. What do you think this is? Nirvana?
The last 10 days have been about getting well and introducing food to our systems again. I've been able to keep up with my short runs, but this morning was the first time in a while I attempted a longer run. At about mile 6 my insides began making warning gurgling noises. At mile 7 I felt like someone was doing a fox trot with stilettos in my nether regions. At mile 8 I found a grocery store and bolted inside--mind you, beet red in the face, wearing a jogging bra, and covered in sweat--and found the restroom. I slunk out of there feeling empty inside but also mortified. I'm sure the manager of the store has my face on surveillance camera and warned all the employees to never let me on the premises again!
One of my finer moments, for sure.


Chatter said...

LOL. Thanks for the chuckle Cathy. Errr... I mean. I'm so sorry to hear this happened. I have THEE worst "pooping in public facility" story EVER. It has gone down in the books for my family to re-live at every family get together.

Mount Cutler said...

"the runners runs..." can't beat it. just means, the running is working. :) love your friend the personal trainer