The instrument is so big I took two photos to capture it all. Carver is in love. And when he plays (although he really doesn't know how) it makes the richest, deepest sounds. Think dark, dark coffee. I love it. Can't you just see him in 7 years, playing outside his girlfriend's window at night while she swoons at the very sounds he makes?


Heather & Adam said...

Okay, the double pic looks awesome, AND the idea of Carver having a Say Anything moment is the sweetest thing ever!
Of course, playing bass is more romantic than holding a stereo.

Orrange said...

that's awesome that he loves it so much!

Chatter said...

Oh my HUGE instrument. Glad he's enjoying it. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

If you ever get a chance-take him to hear, or a lesson with: Best in Denver, and wonderful guy!
(you can google him)
Ken Walker
Instructor, BME, Jazz Bass
TRVH 337 | 303.871.6947

Ken Walker, Instructor of Jazz Bass, started playing upright bass when he was a student at Arkansas Tech University, where he received his bachelor of music education degree. He has performed as the regular bassist at El-Chapultepec, and with groups including the Art Porter Trio and the popular Artistry. As house bassist for jazz clubs, Walker has accompanied entertainers and international jazz recording artists such as Mose Allison, Eddie Harris, Jon Abercrombie, Clifford Jordan, Eddie Daniels.