It's A Date

Lily and I had a divine Saturday morning together. It included a drive to the mall--just the two of us--where we indulged in a Pumpkin Latte for me (mmmmm, my one Starbucks weakness) and apple juice and a donut for Lily. We sat near a fountain and chatted about everything and nothing and just enjoyed our morning. Then we strolled through the mall to a nail salon, where for the hefty sum of $3.00, Lily had her nails painted. And what color did she pick? Fluorescent yellow. Bright, bright fluorescent yellow. You can see her coming from a mile away. She cracks me up. Then we meandered to a toy store and admired all the Littlest Pet Shop toys, which are Lily's favorite. It was a sweet morning.

Saturday afternoon I entered an entire new galaxy. Carver had decided to join orchestra (you can at his school when you're in 4th grade). So we went to the music store for this and that and I felt completely out of my element. All I ever played was piano, and it didn't need things like rosin. Carver is our "try everything" child, and for the most part, he really likes everything he tries. He is going to play the bass--the biggest string instrument. It should dwarf him by several feet, although I think he gets a child-size bass to begin with. Carver had been begging and begging to join orchestra but David and I were afraid it would be too big a commitment for him. But how can you say "no" to a child asking to play in an orchestra? That's ludicrous!!! I can't wait to take pictures of him practicing.

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Old Men Reflect said...

I was the youngest, as you know, and I get to spend time with a parent one on one more than the other kids.

Orange slice candy when shopping with Mom, and really good hamburgers at places Mom would never go to with Dad.

One parent, one child are the best. My kids agree.