The Blessings of Dyslexia

  • For as long as I can remember, I have always cheered for the underdog. I was so meant to be this child's mama.
  • Getting to spend an incredible amount of time with my child as we work together to navigate school.
  • David's extraordinary empathy, now, for families that come into his office with special education needs.
  • Celebrating our child's character, not their grades.
  • Being able to actually help with homework in the most tangible ways rather than having to hover and direct and say things like, "You can do it." I get right in there now and we do it together.
  • Being able to celebrate small milestones as they are achieved.
  • Having the teacher send me emails during the day telling me my child is doing great.
  • Being blown away by what my child accomplishes each day given their disabilities.

We are so blessed.

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Heather & Adam said...

I knew it would not take long for you to find the best in the situation. You are an amazing mother. I am so glad the hear that the little one is doing so well!