In keeping with my deep love for romantic dramas from the BBC, I finally had time this week to watch North & South--and by having time I mean I didn't do the laundry or cook and I went to bed very late. But what are food and sleep and clean socks when the BBC offers such a masterpiece? Oh my romantic! Mr. Darcy, move over. Make way for Mr. Thorton. This story is much grittier than P&P, but still filled with dark-haired, brooding, and misunderstood heroes. The tag line on the back of the DVDs describes North & South as "packed with passion, tensions, class warfare and smoldering sexual energy."
What more could you ask for?


Shonna said...

Is it that one of the best movie kisses of all time! I love this series too!

awing said...

Yes!! Have you tried Cranford? I think both North and South and Cranford are Elizabeth Gaskin stories.

I recently watched the BBC Sense and Sensibility which was wonderful -- I liked Emma Thompson's version but thought the casting was a bit off. This one is fabulous.

And I recently saw Daniel Deronda (BBC). Also highly recommended!