Recently Overheard

Carver is trying to win a kid's contest with a $4,000 prize: I could buy a Wii, a Nintendo, a Playstation, and my own house!

Lily, after having a big crying fit over something I can't even remember: When do I gain my freedom, Mom?

Zinabu, after walking into the kitchen as I was making dinner: Mom, what is that delicious smell I'm smelling?


Deirdre said...

Oh they are all hilarious! Lily especially. Tell her I'm asking the same thing these days. :-)

Heather & Adam said...

Ha! I'm with Lily, too! Your kids rock.

jayme said...

I love your kids! Please tell Lily that I could use some advice on that subject as well.

Old Men Reflect said...

Old joke: Freedom comes after the kids leave the house and the dog dies.