Dear Carver,
Ten years ago you were born, and one of the bravest young women who has ever walked the face of this earth gave Daddy and I the greatest, greatest treasure. You. I don't know how she did it. I really don't. I couldn't give you up for anything. I am too selfish. You mean the world to me, dearest. And you mean the world to her.
I cannot seem to stop time. It keeps slipping through my fingers. Five years ago you started kindergarten. Five years from now you will be in high school. Despite the fact that this is going by much too fast, I do love that every day you make me smile. Every day you show me your love. Every day I wake up with a reason for living. A reason for being a better person than I was yesterday.
{Happy birthday, peanut}


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Carver!

Heather & Adam said...

Happy Birthday, handsome boy!
Cathy, I love you!

Old Men Reflect said...

Happy Birthday Dude.

Tiny's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Carver!!